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 Replaz is a newborn search engine. Although we try to simplify our system, it's getting bigger and bigger. In other words, there is plenty of work to do. We have limited time and can't deal with all the system. We're mostly getting tired while setting infrastructure and heavy works. That's why Replaz hiring..


 We have just non-profit Jobs below. Volunteers, interns or any other contributors can apply for them. If you want to help us but you don't have much time like us, then you may donate us.





develop new skills
gain experience
get training in new areas of work
explore career interests
build your confidence
develop and enhance your CV


 PHP Developer (Ref: PHD1) URGENT


 We need a PHP developer to customise some modules.


 Python Developer (Ref: PYD1) URGENT


 Just a few modules need to be updated and integrated. It's very easy and simple.


 HTML/CSS Expert (Ref: HC1) URGENT


 We need a person who is interested in HTML codes and/or CSS codes. Replaz's interface needs to be upgraded, optimised and validated. Also we need you to get over weird websites.



 International Business Developer (Ref: BD1) URGENT


 As we said replaz is a new search engine, people should use us (good idea!) Not only regular visitors, we need people who advertise or want to do business with us. Research the Web, use word of mouth, it's up to you!

 Contact them, invite to be partner, and also improve your marketing abilities. It's a great work for marketing students or interns!


 C++ Developer (Ref: CD1)


 We need to optimise, reduce and fix some issues.




Apply via info@replaz.com